Don't Want to Spend Hours a Day
Sifting Through Telegram Groups and
Alternative News Media Sites in
Search for the Golden Nuggets Regarding
Health, Medical Freedoms, Corrupt Government,
Investing, and MORE?

Let me handle that for you.

There's a lot of things that don't add up since March 2020, and being the biohacker that I am, I've gone down some deep rabbit holes and discovered lot's of shocking info that you'll never see on the 5 o'clock news.

It's behind a pay wall because I only want to share with people that are on a similar path as far as being critical thinkers, open minded, as well as challenging and questioning a lot of the “info” being put out there by mainstream media…

Before we dive in, I need to give you a little backstory.

I used to feel broken… mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I dealt with severe adult ADD which at times made it feel almost impossible to focus or concentrate, was severely disorganized, and procrastinated like it was going out of style.

Sometimes my brain felt like it was surrounded by the nighttime fog rolling in off the Bay.

I developed a vaccine induced autoimmune condition, herniated the L4/L5 disc in my back, had bouts of severe anxiety and depression, and was 25+ pounds overweight.

At times I was crippled with so much pain I questioned my existence on this planet.

I searched for years to find answers and solutions. Spent tens of thousands of dollars on doctors, both traditional as well as Functional and Naturopathic.

Traveled from extreme fringe to the “standard of care” 

and am missing organs to prove it

(from the “standard of care” route, I didn’t sell anything on the black market : )

So why am I sharing with you some of my darkest times?

Because if you are going through anything like this, I want to tell you there’s hope.

I came out the other side and am in the absolute best shape of my life, with more energy than I’ve ever had, mental clarity and focus like NEVER before, getting great sleep and am at my high school weight while knocking on the door to 40.

Biohacking and health optimization is my passion, and I've spent thousands of hours learning, experimenting and researching.

Now more than ever, it's critical that we all do our own research and question the narrative that's being jammed down our throats (cover your face with this, wash your hands with that, don't stand too close, and here, jab yourself with an experimental genetic therapy injection or you can't go anywhere...)

DYOR (do your own research) ASAP

There’s a lot of things that don’t add up since March 2020, and being the biohacker that I am (as well as being a person that’s been made worse – twice – by the current sick care medical paradigm),

I’ve dug deep into a lot of research on many different topics instead of just trusting what the news tells me. (I’ve never trusted the news after seeing how it’s edited and manipulated firsthand to paint a specific picture they want you to see).

Ever wonder... where does the news get their news?

Me too...

I’ve discovered a lot of shocking information.

What I’ve also learned is that unless asked, I shouldn’t start telling people about what I’m learning because most people don’t care, don’t want to (or can’t) hear it, and / or get really mad at me for questioning the narrative.

That’s the other main reason for creating this online Inner Circle. I’m building a community of likeminded free thinkers that are open and want to learn more.

Questions are powerful because it shows an open mind, and I freaking love questions!!!

This Inner Circle membership will be a place to share freely and openly as well as being able to ask any questions you have.  I’ll be hosting at least 1 Q and A a month, and multiple posts per week of what I’m learning and geeking out on.

If you want more personalized help I will offer consults to work 1 on 1 with me if you’re called to do that (for an additional fee).

Full disclosure, there will be product and course recommendations from time to time for things I use and have learned from.

I only recommend things I’ve personally used.
Don’t worry, it won’t be a daily pitch fest or anything like that.
Just some good things that can help you.

We’ll dive into the following, and much more:

  • ​Specific health protocols to detox from getting shots.
  • ​Make your immune system BULLETPROOF  for pennies a day.
  • ​How to protect medical freedoms for adults and kids.
  • ​How to make your own water from air so you can prepare for this mega drought we’re in.
  • ​Other ways to prepare your house and family in case an emergency happens.
  • ​Ways to break free from the current political show.
  • ​Unique tax tips that could save you a bunch.
  • ​Unique investing strategies to bring some balance to your portfolio and hedge against the massive inflation from printing all this money.
  • ​Extremely specific protocols for diseases and disorders that you’ll never hear about from your pharmaceutically sponsored doctors.
  • ​Ways to reduce stress, improve your sleep, have more energy, strengthen your immune system.
  • ​And so much more!!!

The price for this isn’t a huge amount, just enough to help cover the cost of the tech to run the site and such.

To join my DYOR ASAP Inner Circle for Free Thinkers community the investment is 
only $11.11 per month.

You have a full 30 days to decide if this is for you or not.  

Just reach out to me within that time to ask for a refund and 
I’ll send your $11.11 back and cancel your membership.

1 Rule.

You can leave anytime you want but you can't come back (because I value loyalty and commitment over money). This isn’t for info-junkies looking for a quick fix or anything like that…

If you’re okay with this and want to join a community of likeminded FREETHINKERS, along with getting insider information that’ll you’ll never hear about on main stream media propaganda stations hit the JOIN NOW button above and I’ll see you on the inside.

There will be a content membership site for all of the courses you’ll have access to and a private Telegram group for us to all chat and communicate in.

I’ll be sharing all of the BREAKING NEWS and interesting daily content I come across in that Telegram Group.

Care to put on your silver lined hat (I'll share with you inside where I got mine) and travel down the rabbit hole with me? 

Click the "JOIN NOW" button below, and LET'S GO!

Talk Soon!
Tim Fitzgerald
Light Warrior
DYOR ASAP | Rise Up Live Free | Stand For Something or You’ll Fall For Anything

PS -  Remember conspiracy theories are no longer theories once they are proven true and a lot of truth has come out, especially if you know where to look.

PPS - If mainstream media was actually doing their jobs and reporting the news I wouldn't be sharing information like this but since they aren't I am called to share these things with people that have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

See you on the INSIDE!

Join my DYOR ASAP Inner Circle for Free Thinkers 
community for only $11.11 a month.